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Maximum yield - minimum effort

We have been using Buckfast queens, from various sources, since the early 80ís as they have an excellent temperament and out produce all other bees we have tried. We now produce over two thousand good quality queens every year and the feedback from customers is very encouraging.


We are using breeding material from Keld Brandstrup, Buckfast Denmark and get new breeder queens and drone mothers every season. This ensures we maintain the highest quality possible in the queens we produce.

Our secluded mating site has proved very successful. We have a large number of drone rearing colonies on the site as well as at the three surrounding sites. This ensures the purity of mating.

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Queens are sold on a first come, first served basis. Specific delivery dates cannot be guaranteed, therefore customers will be phoned to confirm dates when queens are ready. Cheques will not be cashed until delivery is confirmed which is a week before sending out wherever possible. Queens will not be posted until payment is received. We now accept bank transfer payment when order is confirmed.

We hope there will be some queens available in May, these will not be discounted. Full production is usually established during late June. The earlier dates are more prone to alteration.

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Queen introduction

There are many methods of introduction, below is the one we recommend. Although it doesn't guarantee success, it greatly reduces the chances of failure. It can be simplified, but the success rate is likely to drop.

Make up a queenless nucleus colony at least 24hrs before introduction, using 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of food covered with bees. Keep the nucleus in the same yard as the parent colony so the older bees can fly back home.

When you are ready to introduce the queen, check the nucleus is definitely queenless. There should be newly started queen cells which need to be removed.

Partially open the queen cage inside a clear plastic bag, in a car or a small closed room. Remove the workers from the cage (if the queen comes out first, empty the cage and put her back in alone). Close it. The workers should all be in the bag and can be released or disposed of. Break off the tab at the candy end of the cage and make a small hole through the candy. Go to the nucleus, place the cage, candy end down, at the top of the brood pattern on the middle frame of brood. Close the nucleus, feed and leave for a week.

After a week, quickly check the queen has been released and eggs are present. Leave another week before further manipulations.


All queens will be supplied marked. Clipping £2 extra.

Any queen found dead on arrival will be replaced free of charge providing the cage is returned unopened, immediately. A queen will be replaced once, only.

There are various problems associated with introducing queens, particularly during inclement weather, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Availability -
Queen rearing is very weather dependent. There may be a few queens available in May but these will not be sold at the discounted rate. June queens are also usually oversubscribed - so please book early. July, August and September we can usually meet all orders.

Deliveries - By first class mail. Usually posted on Mondays and Thursdays, approx 90% arrive next day. We cannot be responsible for post office delays.For guaranteed next day delivery please use Special Delivery (additional £8.00 per order). This is included in price on orders of 10+ queens in a single consignment.


£43 each including marking, p & p
£39 each for 10+ queens in a single consignment Special delivery included (no discount for May)

Orders and enquiries - We will gladly answer any queries regarding our queens but for all other problems we would be grateful if you would consult your local association.

Please make cheques payable and send with order to -

British Honey Producers Ltd, (Please note that we can no longer accept cheques written out to BHP LTD. Because of the changed banking system. The Bank machines will only accept 'British honey producers ltd' Cheques now)
MK18 2LJ
Tel 01296 730 794 (8am - 6pm, Mon - Sat please)


Pay by bank transfer (BACS) on confirmation of your order British Honey Producers Ltd, Lloyds bank, sort code 309139, Account number 00461028, please put your name as reference.

Queens will only be dispatched once cheques/money has been cleared in the bank

Many customers are asking us about availability during the covid-19 pandemic. We are watching the Royal Mail website - and will ring as and when we have your queens available. Things are changing daily with the post. At the moment their web site says:
Despite our best endeavours, it is likely that some areas of the country will experience a reduction in service levels due to coronavirus-related absences at their local mail centre or delivery office.

We will continue to actively monitor this rapidly evolving crisis. We will keep talking to you. And, we will continue to focus on the delivery of our two priorities:
i) safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our people and the communities we serve;
ii) delivering as comprehensive a service as possible at all times.

Thank you for your support and patience.

With this in mind we are unable to guarantee what the post situation is and it will be at the customers own risk that queens are posted. We feel the best option would always be to collect or pay for special delivery.